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bbin真人电子|三球员在法网取得生涯重大突破 场上标志耀眼

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In the tennis hall Roland Garros, which symbolizes the highest honor of clay court events, the annual French Open is in full swing. Whether it is the confusing men’s singles or the dangerous dangers of women’s singles, they have already put the last of the year The Grand Slam event has reached an exciting climax.

在象征着红土比赛最高荣誉的网球场罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)中,一年一度的法国公开赛如火如荼。无论是令人困惑的男单还是女子单打的危险,他们都已经将去年的大满贯赛事推向了令人兴奋的高潮。

   In the men’s and women’s singles semifinals, Schwarzman and Podolska became the pride of Argentina, while Kenning made another breakthrough and became a unique and beautiful landscape for Roland Garros this year.


   Kenning: From dark horse champion to all-around master


   At the Australian Open at the beginning of this year, Kenning, who was only 21 years old at the time, upset several Grand Slam champions along the way and won his first Grand Slam championship with a dark horse attitude, becoming the biggest surprise in women's tennis in 2020. After winning the Australian Open, in the face of doubts about her championship quality, Kenning did not fall into pride and confusion, and the pressure of overnight fame did not make her daunted. Just one month later, she was in the Lyon Indoor Championship again. Win the championship.


Later, due to the suspension of the tournament, Kenning’s upward momentum was forced to stop. However, as the season restarted in August, Kenning made a comeback again. She first reached the top 16 at the US Open and created a personal achievement in this Grand Slam. Best record. Immediately after moving to the French Open, Kenning made another surprise. Since she was not a typical clay court player and her warm-up results were not ideal, in fact, not many people were optimistic about her before the game.


However, at this time, Kenning once again demonstrated her unyielding spirit. When the big seeds were upset, she became one of the few high-ranking players who played stable. In the end, she passed all the way and was defeated in this past. Considered to be the worst Grand Slam, she reached the final four in one fell swoop. In this way, Kenning has created her best personal record in all three Grand Slams this season. She is also the only one who can play this year. Female players who have reached at least the semifinals in both Grand Slams!


   Low-key calmness, unyielding, Kenning has incorporated this spirit into the game, becoming her out-and-out "sign of the field"! Wearing an orange checkered skirt designed for the focal point of the stadium, Kenning’s every start and stop step is more elegant, and the tight-fitting suit in tropical tones makes the ball go smoothly and freely, especially Roland Garros’ new lighted stadium In the spotlight, wearing this jersey is more stylish.

肯宁低调沉着,不屈不挠,将这种精神融入了游戏中,成为了她横冲直撞的“领域标志”!肯宁穿着橙色的格纹裙摆专门为体育场的焦点设计,每一步的起止步步都更加优雅,热带气息的紧身套装使球顺畅自由地运动,尤其是罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)崭新的灯光体育场。聚光灯下,穿着这件球衣更加时尚。

   It is worth mentioning that this set of women's jerseys uses a bold watermelon color, tropical coral color and a refreshing white grid pattern, which can bring you and your game a bright color.


  Schwarzman: 170 strongest on the surface


Today, when the top men’s players are getting bigger and bigger, Schwarzman’s success is tantamount to a miracle. This small player, who is cordially called "the 170 strongest on the surface" by Chinese fans, uses his perseverance and persistence The unremitting offense has won him a lot of sky in the "high" hands of men's tennis.


You never know how much energy is contained in Schwarzman’s thin body. In the quarter-finals of the Rome Masters held two weeks before the French Open, he defeated the "Red Clay" for the first time in his career. King Nadal, and reached the final of his first Masters. After coming to the French Open, Schwarzman's condition has continued unabated. In the quarter-finals, he defeated Tim, who was the champion of the New Komei Open and reached the finals at the French Open in the past two years, and reached the Grand Slam for the first time in his career. The top four, and will also be among the top ten in the world for the first time.


Like Kenning, Schwarzman has undoubtedly reached the most glorious moment of his career after his breakthrough in the French Open. Regardless of the outcome of the next challenge to the 12th tournament champion Nadal, he has already opened his life. A brand new page. As Schwarzman said before: "Height cannot define me", yes, apart from height, tradition and prejudice cannot define him. Going beyond the limit and breaking tradition has become Schwarzman's most significant "field". Sign up".


And Schwarzman, dressed in the golden and black Flora Paris jersey that symbolizes victory and glory, is also dressed in golden victory and glory, using black to inspire his unlimited potential on the stadium, geometric lines pointing The key point of breaking serve helped him reverse the situation of the king on the court.

Schwarzman身着金色和黑色的Flora Paris球衣,象征着胜利和荣耀,也穿着金色的胜利和荣耀,利用黑色激发了他在球场上的无限潜力,几何线条指向突破发球的关键点帮助他扭转了局面国王在法庭上的处境。

  Podoloska: The strongest dark horse in history


  A dark horse will be born in almost every grand slam every year, but something as "black" as Podoloska is unprecedented. Even the most senior tennis fans, few people have heard of the name before this year's French Open, because at the beginning of the year she was ranked only 255 and can only participate in some low-level competitions, and before this year's French Open, She has not even won a major championship.


   However, in the 2020 season, Podoloska rose rapidly like riding a rocket. Before coming to the French Open, her ranking had soared to 131. After reaching the semi-finals of the French Open, Podoroska improved to 43-6 in all competitions this season, winning 13 consecutive victories. She also became the first French Open women's singles four in more than 50 years in the Open. A strong qualifier, a qualifier who has reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time in 21 years, and an Argentine female player who has reached the semi-finals of a Grand Slam for the first time in 16 years! With so many titles, it is no exaggeration to say that she is the strongest dark horse in the history of the Grand Slam!


  Of course, Podolska is not satisfied with being a short-lived dark horse. From the strong upward curve of this season, it can be seen that there is still a great future waiting for her not far away. In addition, her courageous and sharp hitting style has also won many fans for herself in this French Open, and she has become Podoloska's "sign of the field" without fearing strong enemies and breaking through herself. I believe we will be able to play more important roles in the future. I saw her on the occasion.


   Finally, I also hope that the three players can continue their efforts and wish them to continue to bloom in the "Huadu Paris".


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