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bbin真人平台_央视:国足大门向杨世元敞开 争议球要服从主裁判

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Original title: CCTV: The national football gate opens to Yang Shiyuan, the controversial ball must obey the referee


On the evening of September 25th, Beijing time, the 13th round of the 2020 Chinese Super League kicked off a focus game. Shanghai SIPG played against Beijing Zhonghe Guoan. After 90 minutes of fierce battle, with Hulk's penalty kick, SIPG defeated Guoan 1-0 and secured the top position in Group B. For this game, CCTV Sports Channel conducted a live broadcast, and the host Zhu Xiaoyu and the guest commentator Xu Yang brought wonderful commentary. Xu Yang hopes that Yang Shiyuan will learn from Kanter, a world-class midfielder, and encourage him to open the door to his national football. And Zhu Xiaoyu believes that in the face of disputes and penalties, the decision-making power lies with the referee, who must obey the whistleblowing of the referee.


Looking forward to the game, Zhu Xiaoyu said, “Today’s game is different for both parties. If Guoan cannot win, the final round will not be able to compete for the first place, because the current difference between the two sides is 4 points. For SIPG, yes. Treat with their own pace, but it also depends on their choice of opponents in the second stage. The referee of this game is Zhang Lei." Xu Yang said, "The two teams ranked first in the Suzhou competition. And second, I hope they can bring fans an appreciation of the game. As the two top teams in the Super League, they have the obligation and responsibility to bring fans a high-level game."


After the start of the game, the rhythm of both sides' offense and defense was very fast. In the 11th minute, Bakambu ran and hit the ball from a small angle and was blocked. At the same time, the referee signaled Bakambu to be offside. Zhu Xiaoyu said, "From the slow motion point of view, Fu Huan was at the end. The linesman was an obvious misjudgment." In the 15th minute, Lopez in the middle circle got the ball into the penalty area and hit Guo Quanbo. The door rises above the beam. Xu Yang said, "This ball shouldn't be. The previous steal was still very decisive. The ball still jumped when the final shot was taken. Hulk's pass is very thief."


In the 25th minute, Chi Zhongguo got the ball high from a long-range shot. Zhu Xiaoyu said, "This long-range shot is still very cold. The reminder to both sides is that the defense of the first point in the penalty area is very good, but pay attention to the defense of the second point in the periphery." In the 27th minute, Li Shenglong The aggressive fighting in the frontcourt was knocked down. Xu Yang said, “This season, because Anautović has put more energy on the game and his state has improved, Li Shenglong’s chances of playing are also decreasing, but He should seize the limited playing time to show himself. Such a starting opportunity is very rare for him. The young man's rap level is good."

在第25分钟,迟中果从远射中获得高球。朱晓宇说:“这次远射仍然很冷。双方提醒我们,禁区第一分的防守很好,但要注意外围第二分的防守。 ”在第27分钟,李胜龙在前场的激战被打倒。徐扬说:“本赛季,由于安纳托维奇在比赛中投入了更多精力并且状态得到了改善,李胜龙的上场机会也在减少,但他应该抓住有限的出场时间来展现自己。对于他来说,这样的开始机会是非常难得的。年轻人的说唱水平很好。”

In the 35th minute, Yang Shiyuan uprooted Bakambu and got a yellow card. Xu Yang commented on this, “Yang Shiyuan wants to learn more like Kanter. Defense is also an art. In this position, he also needs to improve, he needs to improve his predictive ability, and he must shout out his companions. Defensive duties, position, Actions are all you need to improve. If you can improve, the national team’s door is open to you. Bakambu dribbles the ball horizontally, and there is no direct threat to the goal. You get a yellow card in the first half and do it in the second half. The action will be affected. If you can fight, you have to learn how to fight."


In the 38th minute, SIPG also got a set kick opportunity. Hulk hit the goal directly and hit Li Ke's hand. The referee gave a penalty after watching VAR. Xu Yang commented, "It was indeed hit Li Ke's arm. If the ball is not blocked, Hulk will attack. I personally think it is a penalty. Hulk's shooting power is indeed great. , The defensive player will turn around naturally, but it depends on whether the arm is tight.” Zhu Xiaoyu commented, “The video referee only gave a suggestion, but the final result is still the referee's whistle. Hit on the right hand. No problem, you should see it when you hit the left hand. Still whistled a penalty, which is consistent with our judgment."




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