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The above phrase is not a single bet on x4 RAP lyrics, but it may be the common aspiration of the 22 players of the two teams in the Belarusian Cup match on April 9.

上面的短语不是对x4 RAP歌词的唯一押注,但可能是4月9日举行的白俄罗斯杯比赛中两支球队的22名球员的共同愿望。

As of April 12, Belarus is the only country in Europe that is still playing a top professional football league, and it is also the only four in the world to do so (the other three are Nicaragua, Tajikistan, and Burundi). This has made fans all over the world look at it Gathered in this previously unknown football country.


It is reported that broadcasting organizations in 11 countries and regions, including Russia and India, have purchased the live broadcast rights of their games, and dozens of countries are negotiating with Baizu for the price of broadcasting rights. This is in this non-mainstream. The football league is an unprecedented event.


For many people in the Belarusian football circle, the attention they have received now is enough to make them feel that the Belarusian Super League is the "first league in the world". The proud Dynamo Brest forward Bakay said: "


Especially Brest Dynamo, they won the first top league championship in team history with an unbeaten record last year.

尤其是布雷斯特·迪纳摩(Brest Dynamo),他们去年以不败战绩赢得了队史上第一个顶级联赛冠军。

However, they encountered an unprecedented problem-due to the development of the epidemic, there will not be so many fans watching the game for the time being! For a team that is in the rising period, the home ticket has just risen by about half compared with last year. This situation is a bit embarrassing for a team that promotes itself and continues to attract fans.


However, this Belarusian championship team has never lacked creativity in promoting itself. In July 2018, Maradona was hired by Dynamo Brest as the chairman and head coach. This news made the team popular with "Marshals". However, perhaps it is still psychologically unbearable for the severe cold in the North. Maradona resigned from the team and went to Mexico just two months later. A year later, the Brest Dynamo team, who did not forget their old feelings, also gave Maradona the honorary chairman a customized Harley motorcycle.

但是,这支白俄罗斯冠军队在推广自己的过程中从未缺乏创造力。 2018年7月,马拉多纳被布纳斯特(Dynamo Brest)聘为董事长兼总教练。这则消息使该团队在“法警”中颇受欢迎。但是,对于北方的严寒,也许在心理上仍然无法承受。马拉多纳从球队辞职,仅仅两个月后去了墨西哥。一年后,不忘旧情的布列斯特迪纳摩队也为马拉多纳的名誉董事长提供了定制的哈雷摩托车。

This time playing in the "empty field" under the condition of multi-country broadcasting is another time to consider the propaganda ability of the Brest Dynamo team. They did not disappoint again-they were wearing Real Madrid in the audience. The plastic dummies of the jerseys of, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Valencia, Aston Villa, etc., plus the real-life photos of their heads, made this team a hit in front of the media.


According to the Secretary-General of Dynamo Brest, Vladimir Machuskisi, this is a creative coup for their management team. In order to make foreign fans watching the team feel at home, he decided to let those who paid the price of "virtual tickets" also "sit" in the auditorium.

迪纳摩·布列斯特(Dynamo Brest)秘书长弗拉基米尔·马库斯基(Vladimir Machuskisi)表示,这对他们的管理团队是一个创造性的妙招。为了使外国球迷观看球队时有宾至如归的感觉,他决定让那些支付“虚拟门票”的人也“坐在”观众席。

Machuski’s business experience does not cost much, a


On April 8th, in the 2-0 home game of the Belarusian Cup team against the Soligorsk Shakhtar team, dozens of dummy fans sat among the real fans for the first time, giving fans and players an enjoyment. The colorful but slightly weird home atmosphere.

4月8日,在白俄罗斯杯小组赛对阵Soligorsk Shakhtar小组的2-0主场比赛中,数十名虚拟球迷首次坐在真正的球迷中,这给球迷和球员带来了乐趣。色彩缤纷但有些古怪的家庭氛围。

In fact, the fake fans being placed on the audience to cheer for the team is not the first of Dynamo Brest, but this team is too good at marketing time. They immediately caught the fans from all over the world. look.

实际上,将假球迷放在观众席上为球队加油并不是Dynamo Brest的第一人,但是这支球队在营销时间上太出色了。他们立即吸引了来自世界各地的粉丝。看。

it's here,


At the end of May 2014, during the Japanese League Cup Tokushima Maelstrom vs. Omiya Squirrels, some innocent Omiya fans started their "dummy fan show." It is reported that due to the distance between the two teams, only a few fans came to the visiting team. When they saw that half of the stands were dissatisfied, they used their craft skills and cut out more than a dozen paper fans. They put on the team's jerseys and painted various expressions to form a "dummy fan phalanx".


In the traditional culture of China and even Japan, the scarecrow generally protects the spiritual existence of the soil and water. I don’t know if some kind of metaphysics played a role. In that game, Omiya also won the away game with a score of 2-0.


In addition, Japan also has Tokushima Whirlpool and Kyoto Phoenix teams that used dummy fans to cheer during the game.


In September 2018, in order to make the stadium look less bleak, the board of directors of the Hungarian First Division team Mezőkövesd Zsóry also played the trick of "dummy fans". Although they also defeated their opponents 2-0, some of their fans seemed to have a melancholy look throughout the game.


If the people in the huge posters are also considered dummy fans, then the general manager of the Serie B football team Terry Estina is the first person to talk about the "dummies fans business" before Machuskihi . That was in 2010. Due to various solutions, the audience was unable to fill the Nairo-Loco stadium with a capacity of more than 32,000. The general manager of Triestina, Marco Canaz (Marco Canaz) Cernaz) simply vacated the 10,000 vacant seats directly in front of the TV camera and covered them with huge plastic posters. As the posters were covered with densely packed dummies, Marco thought it gave the team a little atmosphere at home.

如果张贴海报的人也被视为虚拟粉丝,那么意甲足球队总经理特里·埃斯蒂娜(Terry Estina)就是在马丘斯基之前第一个谈论“假人粉丝业务”的人。那是2010年。由于各种解决方案,观众无法容纳超过32,000的内罗洛科体育场。的里雅斯特的总经理Marco Canaz(Marco Canaz)Cernaz)只是在电视摄像机正前方腾出了10,000个空位,并用巨大的塑料海报覆盖了它们。由于海报上布满了密密麻麻的假人,因此马可(Marco)认为这给了团队一些在家的氛围。

In addition, Marco also talked about the economic cost of doing this. First, he advertised on huge posters, which brought him some income and had a dramatic publicity effect; Second, taking the initiative to reduce stadium seats allowed him to save a lot of funds that were originally used for security, stadium management and even medical care, which is about $130,000 per year.




Seeing the fate of Terry Estina, who has used the "dummy fans" poster for a long time, a very natural question arises-if these static dummy fans in the stands exist for a long time, will it affect the players' psychology? What impact does the competitive state have? Is there something similar to the "dummy curse"?


Regarding the scientific research on the "athlete response", the drug collector noticed an article published in 2013 by Arthur Kramer, a professor of psychology at the University of Illinois and his assistant in Frontiers in Psychology. Clay acquiesced that, compared with ordinary people, the peripheral vision of athletes can notice things faster and can detect subtle changes. In addition, they are generally able to ignore interference and irrelevant information more effectively and complete tasks.

关于“运动员反应”的科学研究,该药物藏家注意到了伊利诺伊大学心理学教授,心理学前沿专家亚瑟·克雷默(Arthur Kramer)在2013年发表的一篇文章。克莱默认,与普通人相比,运动员的周围视野可以更快地注意到事物并可以发现细微的变化。此外,他们通常能够更有效地忽略干扰和无关信息,从而完成任务。

Following this conclusion, we can assume that if the athlete’s competitive environment “suddenly” switches from a long-term noisy environment with a lot of interference information to an environment with very little interference information and a single signal source, will it cause the brain? What about the slowdown in processing information? In other words, the dummy fans have formed a very single competitive environment for the players. Whenever a player sees them, these dummy fans will always have the same face without any new information feedback. If this situation continues for a long time Will the players fall into a state that is conducive to "slow reaction", which further leads to a decline in their competitive state?


Although I have not seen relevant experiments, there are similar cases in 1992 by the Arsenal Club for reference.


In August 1992, following the redevelopment of Highbury Stadium, the Gunners decided to use a huge vinyl mural to cover the construction site of the North Stand. It was this mural full of fans that caused huge controversy. Some people pointed out that the colored people and women on the mural were relatively insufficient, and the children’s charity pointed out that the children in the mural did not stand by their parents... Due to various unexpected problems, the mural was painted a lot. At the end, four nuns were added as spectators in the upper left corner.


Less gossip,


If static "dummy fans" have a "spell" that can make people react slower or distracted, what about the effects of adding more sounds and actions? The 2005-06 season, Middlesbrough’s performance in the UEFA Cup semi-finals can be used as a reference.

如果静态的“虚拟粉丝”具有“咒语”,可以使人们的反应变慢或分散注意力,那么添加更多声音和动作的效果如何? 2005-06赛季,米德尔斯堡在欧洲联盟杯半决赛中的表现可以作为参考。

In the first round of the UEFA Cup, the Bucharest Stars defeated Mi Fort by a score of 1-0 at home; in the second round, in order to make the atmosphere at home more exciting, the behind Mi Fort asked twelve fans to record a cheer. And decided to continue to loop after the start of the game. A dramatic event happened-24 minutes before the game, the visiting team scored two goals, and the home court fell into a dead silence. At that time, a dozen people repeatedly shouted "Come on, Mi Fort" in the loudspeaker. Everyone realized that there were such "invisible" idiot fans in the loudspeaker. As a result, some of them began to laugh bitterly, and some began to yell at their mothers. After regaining some atmosphere, a miracle happened and Mibao completed a 4-2 comeback.

在欧洲联盟杯的第一轮比赛中,布加勒斯特之星在主场以1-0的比分击败了米堡。在第二轮比赛中,为了使家里的气氛更加令人兴奋,身后的米堡(Mi Fort)要求十二名球迷记录他们的欢呼声。并决定在游戏开始后继续循环播放。一场戏剧性的事件发生在比赛开始前24分钟,客队攻入两个进球,主场陷入沉寂。当时,十几个人反复在扩音器中大喊“来吧,米堡”。每个人都意识到扬声器中有这种“看不见的”白痴迷。结果,他们中的一些人开始痛苦地笑,而另一些人开始对他们的母亲大吼大叫。在恢复气氛之后,奇迹发生了,Mibao完成了4-2的复出。

With the development of modern technology, in addition to sound, action elements have also begun to be added to another type of "dummy fans"-robot fans.


In 2014, in order to increase the popularity of the stadium, the Korean Hanwha Eagles professional baseball team took the lead in arranging three rows of cheerleaders called "fan robots" on the stadium. These robots are dressed in home team jerseys and baseball caps. Their faces are a display that can display the heads of real fans, and their hands are holding an LED dot matrix screen. When real fans send cheering messages, these messages will be displayed on the dot matrix screen with both hands raised by the robot.


The move to install robot "dummy fans" for the Hanwha Hawks baseball team can be described as killing three birds with one stone. First, because the Hanwha Hawks ranked last year after year, they are called "Hanwha Chickens" by other teams. Many fans with bad hearts will be injured when they come to the scene. Through the way of cheering online, the team can unite a group of diehard fans; Secondly, many people will come here when they hear that there are robot cheerleaders. This boosted the attendance of the team and attracted some new fans. Thirdly, I don’t know if new dynamic elements are added to let the ball. The team was stimulated,

为Hanwha Hawksbbin真人电子棒球队安装机器人“虚拟迷”的举动可谓是用一块石头杀死了三只鸟。首先,由于韩华老鹰队年复一年地排名,因此其他球队将其称为“韩华鸡”。许多心情不好的球迷到场时会受伤。通过在线欢呼的方式,团队可以团结一群顽固的粉丝;其次,当许多人听到有机器人啦啦队长时会来这里。这增加了团队的出勤率,并吸引了一些新的粉丝。第三,我不知道是否添加了新的动态元素来使球运动。团队受到鼓舞,

It has to be said that those dummy fans of the Hanwha Hawks baseball team who can actually be controlled by the fans, cheer, sing, and wave to make waves are a big step forward than the Brest Dynamo plastic man + static photo combination.


In the special period of the new crown epidemic, even after the major leagues are restarted, it is common to face empty courts or play games with very few spectators. what is has been confirmed is,


Take Monchengladbach as an example, even during the suspension of the league,


Well, at that time, perhaps the scene we didn’t want to see was a gust of wind blowing by, photos and plastic limbs flying all over the sky...


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