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bbin真人平台:国足从本期集训开始将发放纪念品 不耽误中超备战

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   This training session is very short, only 6 days. After the training session on the 9th, the international players will return to their clubs to prepare for the second stage of the league. In this short-term training camp, the main purpose of the national football team is several aspects: one is to inspect new players, such as Fernando and Jiang Guangtai, so that there is more running-in between new players and old players, and between new players and coaches. The second is to maintain the cohesion of the team through regular training, and the third is to conduct certain technical and tactical drills so that the old players can have a deeper understanding and the new players are familiar with the tactical system. There will be no warm-up matches for this training camp.

该培训课程非常短,只有6天。 9月的训练课程结束后,国际球员将返回他们的俱乐部,为联赛的第二阶段做准备。在这个短期训练营中,国家足球队的主要目的是几个方面:一是检查新球员,例如费尔南多和姜光泰,以使新球员和老球员之间有更多的磨合。在新球员和教练之间。第二是通过定期训练保持团队凝聚力,第三是进行一定的技术和战术训练,以便老玩家可以加深了解,而新玩家则可以熟悉战术系统。此训练营将没有热身赛。

   Regarding whether there are restrictions on the number of naturalized players, Li Tie said in an interview: No, no. First of all, I have not heard of this. I have not heard of whether it is three, four, five, or six. Then Li Tie added: For me, first I must be qualified to play for the Chinese team. The second principle is whether he is willing to play for the Chinese team. Jiang Guangtai and Fernando performed very well in the league. We also communicated before. Both of their players expressed a very strong desire to play for the Chinese team. We also hope that through this kind of training, everyone can understand better.


Considering that this training was conducted between the first and second phases of the league, after the first phase of the game, the international footballers are very tired, so the national team will not arrange excessive exercise training. The training class is based on recovery. According to Li Tie's introduction to the media, the team's training in the next few days will be arranged in the morning to take good care of the players and let them return to the second stage of the league in their best condition. In addition to the morning training, the coaching staff also pays attention to the learning of players' business theory, such as arranging experts to explain the latest referee rules and international advanced technical and tactical concepts.


Many fans worry that this training camp will have an adverse effect on the club’s preparations for the second stage. In fact, it’s not necessary. At present, most of the club’s holiday dates are around October 5. In the previous days, the club’s training will also be Restored. Therefore, on the one hand, the internationals have a rest from September 28th/29th to October 4th, and the national team is only for training, which will hardly cause additional burdens on the internationals. The internationals will be on the 10th. After returning to the club, you can seamlessly join the club's training.

许多球迷担心,这次训练营会对俱乐部第二阶段的准备工作产生不利影响。实际上,没有必要。目前,俱乐部的大部分假期都在10月5日前后。在过去的日子里,俱乐部的训练也将恢复。因此,一方面,国际队从9月28日/ 29日至10月4日休息,而国家队仅接受训练,这几乎不会给国际队造成额外负担。国际比赛将在十号进行。返回俱乐部后,您可以无缝加入俱乐部的培训。

   In addition, major players like Evergrande, SIPG, Guoan, Luneng and other major players have not undergone major player changes or continued running-in. Therefore, the negative impact of the national football training can be minimized.


This national team training also has a new "rule": starting from the current national team training, each team member, coach and staff will have a souvenir with their name printed on it. The souvenir for this training session is a round A collar shirt and a shoe bag with "China Men's National Football Team" in English and "China 2020+ name" in Chinese.

这项国家队训练还具有一个新的“规则”:从当前的国家队训练开始,每个队成员,教练和工作人员将有一个印有自己名字的纪念品。本次培训的纪念品是一件带有A领的圆领衬衫和一个鞋包,上面印有英文的“ China Men's National National Team”和中文的“ China 2020+ name”。

In fact, many "good rules" at the national team level have been determined successively this year. For example, retired players who have played for the national team will receive a commemorative national team jersey sent by the national team after retirement, such as when Zhou Haibin retired. , He received the latest version of the national team's No. 8 jersey. No. 8 was his main number during his national team. In addition, the jersey also printed the number of appearances for the national team and the number of goals. When receiving this jersey, Zhou Haibin was also very moved. This move will undoubtedly further enhance the pride and honor of the national team members.

事实上,今年国家队已经确定了许多“良好规则”。例如,为国家队效力的退役球员在退役后(如周海滨退役时)将获得由国家队寄出的纪念性国家队球衣。 ,他获得了国家队8号球衣的最新版本。 8号是他在国家队中的主要号码。此外,球衣还印有国家队出场次数和进球数。收到这件球衣时,周海滨也很感动。此举无疑将进一步提高国家队队员的自豪感和荣誉感。

Li Tie’s national team also used a very distinctive slogan: Unity is Iron (TIE Together). From Li Tie’s first training session to the latest training session, the slogans around the venue are based on this slogan, and then Highlight the interests of sponsors.

李铁的国家队也使用了一个非常独特的口号:团结就是铁(TIE Together)。从李铁的第一次培训课程到最新的培训课程,会场周围的口号都是以此口号为基础,然后突出赞助商的兴趣。

Although the creation of these details does not completely determine the team’s combat effectiveness, these gradual and detailed work will undoubtedly enhance the sense of honor of the international footballers and enhance the cohesion of the team. If you stick to it, the national team will naturally become better. The better.


   It is reported that the national football team will watch the movie "Win the Championship" in Shanghai next. In this regard, Li Tie said that the main purpose is to increase the cohesion of the team.


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