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   Article source: Chinese Football Association


On October 15, the first stage of the 2020 Chinese Football Association First Division was successfully completed. In 34 days, 18 teams competed in 10 rounds of 90 fierce competitions in Chengdu, Changzhou and Meizhou. In the end, the top two teams in each competition area, a total of 6 teams entered the "supergroup", the other 12 teams entered the relegation group and the second group respectively, and they will each start the second stage of the competition.




   The 2020 China League One officially kicked off on September 12. As a second-tier league that connects the past and the next, the opening of the my country League A symbolizes that China's professional football league system is recovering in an all-round and orderly manner, and it is also actively seeking development. An important sign of the full resumption of work and production in the sports industry. As the "mainstay" of the Chinese professional football league, the safe and orderly operation of the Chinese League, like the Chinese Super League, has been recognized by the people of the whole country and the majority of fans, and it also carries the people's yearning for a better life and the building of a well-off society in an all-round way. Beautiful expectations.




   The 2020 China League One has always been moving towards the goal of "one guarantee, two pursuits", that is, to ensure that there is no epidemic infection during the league, to strive for a healthy and orderly league, and strive for a fair and exciting league. In order to implement this overall goal, the Chinese Premier League’s epidemic prevention standards are not inferior to that of the Chinese Super League, and strictly follow the relevant requirements of the "Chinese Football Association Professional League Epidemic Prevention and Control Guidelines". The competition area is strictly managed according to the division of blue and green zones. All teams that arrive in the blue area will undergo two nucleic acid and one antibody tests before arrival, and the nucleic acid test will be carried out as soon as they enter the competition area. After that, during the competition, nucleic acid testing will be carried out on a regular basis once a week, and training and competitions can only be continued if all test results are normal.


In the first stage of the league, 6 rounds of nucleic acid tests were carried out in the 3 competition areas. A total of 10257 people were tested including team personnel, organizing committee staff and competition service personnel (3208 people in Chengdu, 3205 people in Changzhou, Meizhou 3844 people in the competition area), all results were negative. The meticulous anti-epidemic work provides everyone with a safe and safe competition and living environment.




   Affected by the epidemic, the preparations for this year's China League A are tight. The Chinese Football Association has sent a multi-way inspection team to conduct a serious and efficient inspection of the candidate areas. From September 5th, multiple working groups under the League Organizing Committee including epidemic prevention and security, competition organization, logistics support, refereeing, disciplinary supervision, and media business all entered the three competition areas. Until September 12th, the league officially opened. By the smooth completion of 90 games in 10 rounds, apart from the hard work of the Chinese Football Association and the League Organizing Committee staff, the Chengdu, Changzhou and Meizhou divisions have contributed to the strong support of the league.


   In order to ensure the high-quality and orderly progress of competition and training under the intensive schedule, a total of 9 competition venues and 17 training venues are provided in the three competition areas. In order to meet the requirements of the Chinese Premier League, a number of competition training venues in the three divisions have been specially upgraded, such as the opening of a special channel for epidemic prevention, the smoothness and durability of the turf and the rapid drainage of rainfall, the construction of broadcast stations and the Packaging of training grounds, etc.


In the first stage of the Chinese Premier League, more than 1,700 people in the three divisions provided various guarantee services for the competition. Among them, in terms of resident logistics support, the Yufu Guodu Hot Spring Hotel in the Chengdu Division, the Wenjiang Base of the Chengdu Football Association, the Marco Polo Hotel in the Changzhou Division and Hengpi Football Town in Meizhou Division has invested more than 520 chefs, waiters, and staff to provide “customized” fine services for the daily training of 18 teams, including independent dining and meetings for each team. The space provides gymnasium, swimming pool, table tennis, billiards and other sports and leisure facilities, as well as personalized meals. The caring service provided by the resident hotel maximizes the emotional resolution work for the players of the participating teams during the intense and continuous competition, and provides strong support for the smooth progress of the competition.




   Comprehensive factors such as the epidemic situation, this year's China League One will adopt a competition system. Although the competition schedule is more intensive compared with previous years, the level of excitement of the league remains unchanged. From the data point of view, the total number of goals scored in the first 10 rounds of the 2020 China League One is 199 (including 4 own goals), with an average of 2.2 goals per game. Among them, the number of goals scored by foreign players was 62, a significant decline. However, domestic players have a strong desire to score goals. The total number of goals reached 133, which is more than double the goals of foreign players. Among them, Changchun Yatai player Tan Long topped 10 goals. Top of the three divisions.


   What is particularly eye-catching is that while domestic players have carried the flag of shooters, domestic young players have also ushered in a gratifying explosion. A total of 117 U23 players played in the first 10 rounds of the league, a significant increase of 44 people over the same period last year. Cumulative playing time and total goals doubled, reaching 42233 minutes and 28 goals respectively (before the 2019 season) 10 rounds were 73 people, 20827 minutes and 12 goals). For example, the 21-year-old Chen Guokang of the Meizhou Hakka team and the 19-year-old Yi Xianlong of the Jiangxi Liansheng team, both who grew up from the Youth League, did not lose a game in 10 rounds and scored 2 goals and 1 goal respectively. , Has gradually grown into the team's main force. These young players galloping in the Chinese Football League are all the stars of hope in Chinese football and will undoubtedly become the most powerful talent pool of Chinese football.

尤其引人注目的是,尽管国内球员举起了射手的旗帜,但国内年轻球员也迎来了喜人的爆炸。在联赛的前10轮中,共有117名U23球员出战,比去年同期大幅增加了44人。累积比赛时间和总进球数翻了一番,分别达到42233分钟和28个进球(2019赛季之前),十轮比赛有73人,20827分钟和12个进球)。例如,从青年团长大的梅州客家队21岁的陈国康和江西联盛队的19岁的易宪龙都没有输掉10场比赛就取得了进球2个进球和1个进球。 ,已逐渐成长为团队的主力军。这些在中国足球联赛中奔腾的年轻球员,都是中国足球的希望之星,无疑将成为中国足球最强大的人才库。

   In addition, the first stage of the league this year has been smoother and serious malicious fouls have been greatly reduced. The average net time per game reached 50 minutes and 14 seconds, an increase of 1 minute and 41 seconds from last season. The average red card per game is 0.17, which is more than one-third less than last season. A smooth and civilized game is inseparable from the serious and meticulous work of the referees. Due to the tight preparation time of this season and the constraints of the venue conditions, the first stage of this season of the Chinese League does not have the condition of using video assistant referees. Each game will increase. Two baseline referees. All competition areas actively overcome difficulties such as close competitions and limited referees to ensure that the law enforcement of the league is carried out in a fair and orderly manner.




   Under the strict anti-epidemic policy, players, coaches, referees and staff have gone through nearly 40 days of closed work and life during intense competition training. In order to relieve everyone’s physical and mental stress and enrich the life of the competition area, each competition area has organized a variety of leisure and entertainment activities, including table tennis, billiards, basketball and other sports competitions, including watching the movie "Yai Hundred", experiencing local culture and watching Various cultural and entertainment activities such as cultural performances.


Especially on the occasion of the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to let the 18 teams and the staff of the competition area feel the festive atmosphere and spend a special and unforgettable "double festival", each competition area not only held a variety of cultural and sports activities, but also carefully Prepared a delicious and delicious "festival banquet".


Everyone gathered together to celebrate the festive season and learn about the rich and diverse local intangible cultural heritage works such as tiger-toed shoes, Menghe traditional Chinese medicine sachets, dough sculptures, etc., watch tea-picking operas, puppet shows and other local opera programs with gusto, and taste the special carefully made by chefs in the competition area "Super-large" moon cakes, as well as dumplings, hot pot and other festive delicacies.




In order to give full play to the political core role of the party organization, during the league, a number of temporary party branches were established in Chengdu, Changzhou and Meizhou. According to the arrangements of the competitions in each competition area, several thematic party day education activities were held to exchange ideas on how to make further progress during the competition. Give full play to the role of the party organization as a battle fortress, play the pioneering role of party members in the front-line organization of the competition, effectively promote the better integration and mutual promotion of party building work, the organization of the Chinese League, and the service guarantee work, and make every effort to ensure the first stage of the Chinese League The game went smoothly.




  Special epidemic situation, special competition system, special environment, the first stage of the Chinese League, whether it is competition training or competition area life, teams and players will inevitably encounter some discomfort. However, in the face of the staff who also stick to their posts in the competition area, the sincere and attentive service staff in the hotel, and the sweaty and meticulous referees on the field, what the teams and players choose more is understanding and Tolerant, to express tribute and gratitude.


After the game, the heartwarming thank you left in the locker room. Before the end of the first stage, the thank-you letter Zheng rewritten to the competition area on the official website of the team club, as well as the thank you letter sent to the resident hotel by the head coach That jersey full of players' signatures makes understanding and gratitude the real and moving theme outside the Chinese Premier League.


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